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WWII P38 Holster #NGE45389HOL
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Product Detail

Product Name: WWII P38 Holster



  • High quality genuine leather construction.
  • Correct heavy white stitching.
  • Complete with spare magazine pouch.
  • Replicated German WW2 Markings.
  • Copied directly from an original in the IMA collection.
  • Choice of either Black or Brown


Copied directly from an original WWII-P38-Holster in the IMA collection. This replica features; High quality genuine leather construction, Accurate heavy white stitching,Replicated German WW2 Markings, and spare magazine pouch. There is a Choice of either Black or Brown

Historical Period

World War 2 The first P38 holsters were patterned after those for the P08 Luger. Early issue were made from top grain cowhide with a fully molded flap of the type common to European military holsters of the era. Of these leather holsters, most were black, although a few were made of brown leather. Very few were made of pebble-grain-stamped cowhide. Later holsters were made of Presstoff which was durable and easily adapted to be used in place of leather which under wartime conditions was rationed. Most of these holsters are marked at the rear with a large "P.38" and either a manufacturer's code with the last two digits of the date or all four digits of the year, and sometimes, but not always, with a Waffenamt.

Two types of P38 holsters were produced during World War II; hardshell and softshell. Hardshell holsters were produced from 1939 up to 1943. After 1943, mainly softshell holsters were manufactured. All wartime P38 holsters have the same hanging system, consisting of two belt loops.


Copied directly from an original in the IMA collection. P38 made by Mauser, coded "byf 44" with matching presstoff and leather holster 220px-P38_montage.jpg