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Product Detail

Product Name:Von-Gravert-(Niederbieber)



  • 18 gauge polished brass plated steel
  • inner circumference of approx. 23 inches
  • raised cross-shaped ridge along the crown
  • pointed brow guard
  • huge neck guard
  • large hinged cheek flaps extend to cover the ears and protect the chin
  • shirt spiked protrusions


The Von Gravert Type "Niederbieber" Helmet is an accurate replica based upon historical research and authentic in its design. This helmet features a raised cross-shaped ridge along the crown of the helmet, which adds strength and durability to the helm, A visor is attached to the front, along with shirt spiked protrusions, which helps to protect the wearer's face. Large cheek protectors are attached via hinges at the sides of the helm offering additional protection to the face and chin. The back of the helmet slants down slightly against the wearer's neck, providing protection from the back. Note the huge neck guard, the way the ears are totally enclosed, the high, pointed brow guard and the raised crown re-inforcements. The internal circumference is 22-23 inches.

Historical Period

83AD to 260AD


based upon helmets found at Niederbieber, in Germany, on the Rhine frontier