Visored Sugar Loaf

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Visored Sugar Loaf
SKU: AH6301
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Product Detail

Product Name:Visored Sugar Loaf

SKU: AH6301


  • Narrow Eyelets and Ventilation Holes
  • Movable Visor
  • tall peak
  • quality steel
  • 22 to 23 Inch Circumference


A sugar loaf helmet is a variant that blends great helm and bassinet, that features tall peak, as opposed to a flattened top. This tall peak helps to divert force down the sides of the helmet, rendering downward blows and falling arrows less effective. This helmet also features a secondary feature though, in the form of a working visor that possesses narrow eyelets. When not in battle, this visor can be lifted up, revealing the armored warrior's face, providing a wider field of vision and a greater level of airflow.

Historical Period

Early 14th


Illustration from a 15th-century manuscript showing horsemen wearing bascinets with the rounded visor used from c.1410