Viking Leather Belt

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Viking Leather Belt
SKU: AH6786
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Product Detail

Product Name:Viking Leather Belt

SKU: AH6786


  • High Quality Natural Leather
  • Norse-Celtic Knot Patterns on Brass Fittings
  • Buckle Style Belt is Highly Adjustable in Design
  • Overall Length: 54 3/4 Width: 7/8
  • weight 3.7 oz


This Viking Knot Leather Belt puts a unique spin on a classic accessory, allowing you to enhance your own Norse styles with an impressive and finely detailed leather belt that possesses a unique flare of iconic knotwork and authentic looking Viking style. This belt is crafted from fine brown leather, and is nicely accented by the brass fittings. The buckle is a multi-layered trinity knot, also known as a triquetra, with a rotating pin that, combined with the belt-strap and its various openings, offers a versatile and adjustable belt to be worn. The tip of the belt-strap is equally adorned, a long brass fitting that is elegantly engraved with matched Norse knots along its length. Overall Length: 54 3/4 Width: 7/8 3.7 oz

Historical Period



Norse knotwork, illuminated manuscripts like the Book of Kells.