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Trojan war Shield
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Product Detail

Product Name:Trojan war Shield

SKU: AH6119


  • Leather and linen over wood.
  • Steel fittings


A stylized variation of a classic hoplon shield. 37.5 inches wide. The two small half-circle shapes have been cut out just along the sides. The front of the shield features central brass boss, as well as several brass metal studs set around the shield. Several arrow-like spear designs are also embossed onto the surface of the shield in order to give the shield a more impressive appearance

Historical Period

700BC through approx. 480BC


Greek mythology and the epic poems of the Trojan War's ten-year siege of the city of Troy as well as a black figured vase, Achilles and Penthesileia by Exekias, c. 540 BC, BM. London.