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Thracian Helmet I
SKU: AH6206
UPC: 680596067634
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Product Detail

Product Name: Thracian Helmet I
SKU: AH6206
UPC: 680596067634


  • broad crest
  • 22 to 23 Inch Circumference.
  • 16 gauge steel
  • brass ornamentation that includes a gorgon head, and mesh eye protection
  • a wide guard encircles the domed helmet


Thracians were considered heavy gladiators. This helmet was ideal for a gladiator, especially since it offered an incredible level of defense not only for the head but also the face. The broad crest makes striking the top-center of the helm difficult, if not impossible, diverting blows away from the top of the crown. The helm also features a broad brim that encircles the crown, again for the purpose of diverting strikes and impacts away from the wearer's face and neck. A mask composed of metal plates covers the face, leaving only the eyes exposed, which are covered with brass mesh lenses, to allow for adequate vision while still preventing any blows from reaching the wearer's eyes. A brass gorgon head sits on the embossed brow piece

Historical Period

1st through 4th century AD


one of the variants of the helmet used by Myrmillones and Hoplomachoi alike, based on an archaeological example