Templar Helmet

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Templar Helmet
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Product Detail

Product Name:Templar Helmet

SKU: AH6110


  • high carbon steel construction
  • cylindrical design with a flat top
  • reinforced by rivets and metal bands across the crown
  • mask front
  • large eye slits
  • ventilation holes
  • stylized cross nasal strip
  • rivet detailing
  • Inner circumference/hat size: 60/61 cm (24")
  • Weight: 2.2 kg / 4.8 lbs


This helmet echoes the look of a great helm, found in earlier Crusade eras, but with a few minor changes that make it a more transitional model in the evolution of the helm. Like the great helm, it features a cylindrical design with a flat top, which is reinforced by rivets and metal bands across the crown. Where this helm differs from the great helm, is that it does not cover the head entirely. Instead, the crown and skull covers the top of the head, while the front face mask, adorned with a stylized cross, wide eyelets, and ventilated holes, covers the face, while leaving the back of the head completely uncovered. The effect is that this helmet is better ventilated, while still providing similar protection from the front! The helmet is made entirely from mild steel, and is offered in two different varieties - the 18 gauge is lighter and suited for casual wearing, costuming, LARPing and light combat, while the 16 gauge is thicker and heavier, being more suited for SCA events, reenactments, and more involved combat practices.

Historical Period

3rd to the 5th Crusades. From approximately 1190 AD to 1250 AD


A knight carved in stone from the Church of St. Justina in Padua wears a helm of this form with a rounded shape and pierced facemask.