Spectacle Helmet

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Spectacle Helmet
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Product Detail

Product Name:Spectacle Helmet



  • spherical crown
  • reinforced central ridge of a round segment of steel that runs across the transverse of the helmet
  • 'spectacle' style guard, a half-mask that covers the nose and the eyes
  • 14 gauge steel, (2.3 mms or .09 inch thick).
  • Fits Up to a 25 inch,(hat size 7.3/4)
  • weighs abt.2.5 kgs.( 5.5 lbs.)
  • leather chin strap and an adjustable leather lining inside


This heavy-duty, Viking-styled helmet, has several features taken from an authentic Viking helmet, including a spherical crown with a reinforced central ridge, and a simple yet effective 'spectacle' style guard. Crafted from quality 14 gauge steel, and an adjustable leather liner, as well as leather chin straps for secure and tight wearing.

Historical Period

10th Century AD


Viking helmet was excavated on a farm called Gjermundbu in Ringerike in central Norway. Gjermundbu is located in Haugsbygda, a village in northeast of Hønefoss, in Buskerud, Norway. The helmet dates to the 10th century.