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SKU: AH6750
UPC: 680596068624
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Product Detail

Product Name: Shield-Boss
SKU: AH6750
UPC: 680596068624


  • Black field with White Detailing depicting a multitude of Romanesque shapes and designs across its surface
  • square steel plate with rounded central boss bubble


This decorative shield boss is a raised section, often made of metal, at the center of the shield with the purpose of deflecting blows away from the center of the shield. This has an Imperium Ancient Armory rating of: "Authenticity Rating:9. This is an excellent facsimile of the decorative shield boss found in England in the Tyne River. In our opinion, however, the curvature of the boss might be deeper in order to be more historically accurate."

Historical Period

original to be from the 2nd century AD


made after a sample found on River Tyne in England