Roman Writing Tablet W Bronze

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Roman Writing Tablet W Bronze
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Product Detail

Product Name:Roman Writing Tablet W Bronze Stylus

SKU: AH3989


  • 2 beechwood hollowed out frames "hinged" together
  • beeswax
  • bronze stylus smoother
  • 5" x 8"


Period wax tablet recreated in hollowed out wood with beeswax, plus an bronze stylus/smoother included. Overall size is 5" x 8", depth 1/4", all natural beeswax, enclosed in a beechwood frame.

Historical Period

The earliest surviving exemplar of a boxwood writing tablet with an ivory hinge was among the finds recovered from the 14th-century BCE Uluburun Shipwreck near Kaş in Turkey


Roman scribe with his stylus and tablets on his tomb stele at Flavia Solva in Noricum