Roman Scutum Blank

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Roman Scutum Blank

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Product Name:Roman Scutum Blank



  • Inspired from the collection at Royal Armouries in The Tower of London.
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The shield itself is made entirely from hard wood and rimmed with brass metal, giving it the same hardy strength as our finished models. The only difference is the blank, white face, which leaves it fully open to total and complete customization of design, or not.

Historical Period

The oval scutum is depicted on the Altar of Domitius Ahenobarbus in Rome, the Aemilius Paullus monument at Delphi, and there is an actual example found at Kasr el-Harit in Egypt. Gradually the scutum evolved into the rectangular (or sub-rectangular) type of the early Roman Empire. By the end of the 3rd century the rectangular scutum seems to have disappeared.


This targe is based on an original, which was "captured" at the BATTLE OF CULLODEN in 1746, and taken south to London with the Jacobite prisoners. It has a removeable central spike. The Targe is made of hand dyed natural leather. It is now in the Museum of the Royal Armouries in The Tower of London.