Roman Legionary Eagle

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Roman Legionary Eagle - no pole
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Product Name: Roman Legionary Eagle
SKU: AH6729
UPC: 680596072508

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  • Eagle with outspread wings
  • Made of solid brass
  • Does not come with a pole


This handsome eagle with outspread wings is designed to be mounted on a long pole, to carry the standard of any particular Legion.

Historical Period

Each Roman Legion had a standard, which would have been mounted on a long pole topped by an eagle, or Aquila.

Some of the earliest figures topping the standard pole were of other animals, including a horse or boar; however around 100 BCE these were retired in favor of the eagle.


No aquilae are known to have survived, as many would have been melted down by later cultures. However, in 2008 earlier glass standards were discovered on the Palatine hill. See:

The sources of this reproduction Roman Legionary Eagle are literary references, statuary, and coins.