Roman Leather Bag (Pera)

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Roman Leather Bag (Pera)
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Product Detail

Product Name:Roman Leather Bag (Pera)

SKU: AH3988


  • Roman army leather Loculus, a satchel or bag pera for legionairies
  • 40 cms x 32 cms x 9cms.(16" x 13" x 3")
  • Weight 1.5 kgs (3 lbs)
  • 2 straps, one attached to the flap the other, long strap, is secured to the bag ends
  • flap closure


The square shaped quality, vegetable tanned,leather Loculus, a satchels or bags feature both a handle attached to the bag's flap and a long strap secured to the ends of the bag, with a flap closure

Historical Period

Following the reforms of the Roman General Gaius Marius, the soldiers were expected to carry much of their rations and equipment themselves.


a find at the Roman castellum Bar Hill and from images at Trajan's column in Rome