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Product Detail

Product Name:Roman-Disc-Legionary-Belt

SKU: AH6725


  • brass and leather constructed 1st century belt and apron
  • embossed brass fitting
  • period brass buckle
  • quality leather
  • dagger holder attachment


LEGIO XX ONLINE HANDBOOK "Deepeeka offers...two belts...are acceptable...: AH6760 "Roman Belt"  and AH6725 "Roman disc legionnary belt, 1cent AD"

This belt (may also be known as a girdle, cinctus, cingulum, cingulum militare, balteusin, or balteum militare)is crafted from quality natural leather, in an old-world style. A 1st century buckle to secure its closure. The belt is richly adorned with brass plates that are riveted into the leather. The 5 strap apron (or sporran or groin-guard) is decorated with brass embossed rosette discs, as well as matching brass discs at the terminal tips, as well. A pugio holder, is also attached.

Historical Period

1 century AD


Trajan's Column