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SKU: AH6760
Actual Weight: -----
Shipping Weight: -----
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Product Detail

Product Name:Roman-Belt-(Ringed)

SKU: AH6760


  • high quality harness grade leather
  • embossed brass plates with "bull's eye" design
  • period 1st or 2nd century buckle
  • One size fits most
  • Overall Length: 50 3/4 Width: 1 3/4
  • wight 1 lb 2.9 oz


LEGIO XX ONLINE HANDBOOK "Deepeeka offers...two belts...are acceptable...: AH6760 "Roman Belt" and AH6725 "Roman disc legionnary belt, 1cent AD". The belt high quality harness grade leather is handsomely detailed, possessing rich brass accents, in the form of riveted brass plates which feature embossed circular designs, often labeled as bulls-eye patterns.

Historical Period

1st or 2nd century


Trajan's Column in Rome