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Product Detail

Product Name:Ribchester-Cavalry-Sports



  • Hand embossed brass helmet
  • rounded crown with simple visor
  • mask of one piece cast aluminum with brass accents
  • 8" side to side, 8 1/2" front to back
  • 22 to 23 Inch Circumference.


Ribchester Cavalry Sports Helmet is an incredibly ornate and decorative helmet that was crafted purely with aesthetics in mind, this was not a helm meant for battle. A rounded crown with simple visor along the top of the helmet. The crown is heavily embossed with numerous scenes of battle. Beneath the visor is an ornate gilded headband that attaches to a metal mask that covers the wearer's face. Small slits at the mask's eyes and mouth allow the wearer to see out and breathe with ease. The mask attaches to the helmet at the bottom sides, where a leather strap holds the mask firmly in place, while keeping the helmet secured to the wearer's head as well. Cavalry sports equipment and helmets were used by teams of Roman Cavalry (Hippica Gymnasia).

Historical Period

masked style Roman helmet dates from the 1st C. AD.


helmet found in Ribchester, England in 1796, the original now on display at the British Museum, London