RGZM Legionary Belt

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RGZM Legionary Belt
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Product Detail

Product Name:RGZM Legionary Belt



  • deep brown natural leather with solid cast brass plaques for up to a 45" waist
  • buckle closure
  • leather 5 strap apron with circular cast brass plates and decorative brass dangling terminals
  • includes attachment points for a pugio dagger


RGZM Legionary Belt (may also be known as a girdle, cinctus, cingulum, cingulum militare, balteusin, or balteum militare) Natural Color tanned leather, is a highly decorated Roman soldier's belt and apron (or sporran or groin-guard) with brass plates, terminals, and studs. Includes attachment points for a pugio dagger (The pugio (Plural: Pugiones) was a dagger used by Roman soldiers as a sidearm).

Historical Period

introduced sometime during the late first century BC


Trajan's Columon in Rome