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Product Detail

Product Name:Phalerae-Harness-Brass

SKU: AH6761B


  • harness constructed of leather straps secured behind the back with two 1st and 2nd century buckles
  • Nine Total Phalerae of Three Lion Phalerae, Two Medusa Phalerae, Two Florate Phalerae, and Two Circle Phalerae
  • handmade from cast brass
  • weighs abt. 2.2 kg (4.75 lbs.).


This Roman Phalerae Harness consists of several of the ornate disks, all bound onto a single leather harness for wearing and displaying. This impressive harness consists of fine leather straps, which secure together an arrangement of nine cast-metal discs, all finished with a fine brass-metal touch. The center of the harness features a leonine phalerae - one that depicts the face of the lion - with two secondary lion phalerae depicted above and below it. Accenting these courageous discs are two medusa-headed phalerae, two florate phalerae (depicting flower designs), and two concentric circle phalerae. The harness is worn via leather straps, which are secured behind the back with two 1st and 2nd century buckles, for authenticity.

Historical Period

The disc seems to be a Roman military phalera used during the. Early Principate, with examples from the early1st Century AD Examples from the early1st Century AD


Lauersfort Phalera, Burg Linn Museum Center, Krefeld, Germany