Over wearer Great Helmet

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Product Detail

Product Name:Over-wearer-Great-Helmet

SKU: AH3829L


  • heavy duty 16 gauge steel construction
  • liner for comfort
  • cross Ventilation decoration
  • rivet and cut overlay detailing
  • blackened finish


There are a number of reasons as to why the great helm earned its name, although the least of which is probably because helms like this Over Wearer Great Helmet made the wearer look like a great, powerful, and intimidating warrior or knight. Often worn over a smaller helmet, the Great Helm offered great reinforcement against weapon penetration. These helmets were common in the Crusades among knights and European armies and are sometimes referred to as "Crusader Helmets". Heavy duty 16 gauge, inner liner for comfort. Rounded skull and pointed crown, with oval finial.

Historical Period

mid 12th century through the 13th century


English Great Helm c. 1350 origin England weight 5 1/2lb (2.5 kg)with rounded skull and pointed crown