Nasal Helmet

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Nasal Helmet
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Product Detail

Product Name:Nasal Helmet



  • rounded crown that has been riveted and reinforced with additional metal bands across its surface
  • an exaggerated nose guard that adds protection to the face and eyes
  • Viking-styled decoration along the front of the helm, similar in nature to the Viking's dragon-headed long ships
  • 14 gauge steel
  • adjustable leather liner as well as leather chin straps for secure wearing
  • approx. 6 lbs.
  • larger sized heads quite well (hat size 7.3/4) (63 cms.)


The Norman Nasal Helmet style of helmet was used when the Normans conquered England. It is historically correct as the Norman troops shown on the Bayeux Tapestry wear this type of helmet. It was made from four parts connected/ riveted with iron bands. It has a nose guard (nasal) with an additional protection of the eyes.

Historical Period

The Nasal Helmet was of Western European origins and was used from the Early Middle Ages until the High Middle Ages.


11th century Moravian nasal helmet, Vienna, and is as on shown the Bayeux Tapestry, the Norman troops wear this type of helmet