Napoleanic Helmet

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Napoleanic Helmet
SKU: AH6083
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Product Detail

This item has been discontinued.

Product Name:Napoleanic Helmet

SKU: AH6083


  • 18 gauge steel has a crested brass cockade
  • short black peak at front with brass trim
  • Brass chain strap, with adjustable leather suspension liner
  • 22- 23" inside circumference
  • side mounted red plume
  • black horse hair 'tail' in back
  • blond brush mounted with round brass feature on top of cockade


Our Napoleonic Helmet is made from 18 gauge steel with brass cockade. It has a short black peak at the front with brass trim and includes the Brass chain strap. Comes with an adjustable leather suspension liner. This helmet comes in a Standard size 22- 23" internal circumference. Fully wearable. Crest may vary slightly from photo.

Historical Period

pre-World War 1, Napoleonic Wars (1803–1815)


France: Guard Dragoon, 1806