Mini Targe

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Mini Targe
SKU: AH4000
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Product Detail

Product Name:Mini Targe

SKU: AH4000


  • 19" in diameter
  • Natural hand-dyed leather over wood
  • Brass ornamentation and central boss
  • 6 lbs


The Mini Targe is a smaller version of the Scottish Targe with a historically accurate design based on a wealth of research. This targe has patterns dating to the ‘45 Jacobite Rising. This piece is beautifully made, with tooled leather over quality wooden construction and a leather backing, nicely decorated with brass ornamentation and studs, and is equipped with a leather covered arm strap and hand grip.

Historical Period

13th through 16th century


This targe is based on an original, which was "captured" at the BATTLE OF CULLODEN in 1746, and taken south to London with the Jacobite prisoners. It has a removeable central spike. The Targe is made of hand dyed natural leather. It is now in the Museum of the Royal Armouries in The Tower of London.