Medieval Wooden

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Medieval Wooden
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Product Detail

Product Name:Medieval Wooden

SKU: AH3980A


  • Fleur Cross Medieval Round Shield
  • Darkened Metal Fleur Cross on the Front
  • Crafted from hardwoods
  • Rimmed With Metal For Extra Support
  • Diameter: 24 inches


This Fleur Cross Medieval Round Shield brings to life the wheel-shape of the shield, with subtle touches of detail. Crafted from hardwoods and set with a metal rim, this shield is fully capable of deflecting blows and parrying strikes, making its wielder that much more defensively sound when it comes to combat on the field of medieval battle. The center of the shield is set with a cast-iron cross pattern, as opposed to a central boss, which features fleur de lis shapes at each terminal. The shield possesses a 24 inch diameter.

Flat wood, although later target shields might be slightly convex, like a buckler. Generally, wood, or iron-plated wood was the construction method of targets. Leather-covered wood and even plain iron seem to have been popular at times as well (although in general, the completely iron versions were later period than medieval). A stuffed cushion or pad for the arm was usually found on target shields, which could also be rimmed or unrimmed. Most often used by: Professional warriors at first, civilians in later periods.

Historical Period

13th to 16th centuries


Ser Maelgrim's target shield