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Product Detail

Product Name:Lorica-Segmentata-Leather

SKU: AHL3851


  • leather construction
  • riveting for strength
  • tie closures
  • lighter weight than metal segmentata for easier movement, perfect for a scout


This Lorica-Segmentata is constructed of good quality leather strips, or "girth girth hoops", that are held in place using riveted straps and ties. The strips were arranged horizontally on the body, overlapping downwards, and they surrounded the torso in two halves, being fastened at the front and back. The upper body and shoulders were protected by additional strips ("shoulder guards") and breast- and backplates. The form of the armour allowed it to be stored very compactly, since it was possible to separate it into sections.

Historical Period

9 B.C. (Dangstetten) to the late 3rd century A.D. (León)


depictions on the Trajan's Column