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Product Detail

Product Name:Leg-Protection

SKU: AH4388


  • Crafted Entirely from Mild Steel
  • Offered in Either 18 Gauge or 16 Gauge Steel
  • Consists of Connected Cuisse, Poleyn, and Greave
  • Fully Articulated For Good Movement
  • Leather straps and buckles, for securing the plates onto your lower limbs for easy wearing
  • Provides Great Defense for the Upper and Lower Leg, as well as the Knee
  • Sold as a Matched, Two-Piece Set


These plated leg protectors are crafted entirely from mild steel, in one of two different gauges. The 18 gauge version is lighter and better suited for LARPing, costuming, and light reenactment, while the 16 gauge version is a heavier, thicker metal that is made for combat and reenactment, making it suitable for SCA events too. This armor set consists of a pair of pieces, which feature connected greaves, poleyns, and cuisses, which offers protection for the upper and lower leg, as well as the knee. The armor is also articulated, to ensure the full range of movement. They come complete with leather straps and buckles, for securing the plates. They are offered as a matched set.

Historical Period

15th through early 16th century


Gothic plate armour