Leather Knight Helm

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Leather Knight Helm
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Product Detail

Product Name:Leather Knight Helm

SKU: AHL3831


  • genuine leather construction
  • Flat topped, full face Helmet
  • eye slits
  • pierced for improved ventilation
  • brass studded black helmet with brown fleur de lis cross overlay


Leather Norman Knight Helmet. This helmet represents the classic crusader style helmet that featured incredible protection to the face. It typically contained wide eye slots for improved visability and plenty of vents across the face for easy breathing. Our version is made of authentic leather and is fully functional and wearable.

Historical Period

late 12th century


late 12th century nasal helmet-This helmet had a flat top and a square profile. This form of nasal helmet was the forerunner of deeper, cylindrical helmets with greater facial protection, enclosed helmets, and eventually the great helm. The existing nasal formed the basis for increased facial protection, eventually, by 1200, producing a face covering plate which was pierced for sight and ventilation.