Leather Gloves

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Leather Gloves
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Product Detail

Product Name:Leather Gloves

SKU: AH6174


  • leather fencing gloves
  • ridged detail on the back of the hand
  • long slightly flared cuff


With the advent of fire arms, the need of heavy armor for hand to hand combat was reduced. Swords grew smaller and lighter. Hand guard grew out of quillions, and gloves came out from beneath gauntlets for hand protection. These undecorated leather gloves not only serve for hand protection the also allow for a better grip of you hilt. A person could add their own custom embellishment if they chose.

Historical Period

Although the use of gloves go back to great antiquity, a gauntlet, which could be a glove made of leather or some kind of metal armour, was a strategic part of a soldier's defense throughout the Middle Ages.


Gauntlets, about 1614. V&A Museum no. 1386&A-1888