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Product Detail

Product Name:Kettle-Hat



  • Made of solid 18 gauge steel
  • liner for comfort
  • rounded skull-cat with a center ridge
  • 22 to 23 Inch Circumference


The Kettle Hat 13th Century. The original design was a simple bowl with a big rand. It was particularly used by archers and sappers, for it allowed the head to move freely, gave a good protection against missiles coming from the top, and did not hinder eyesight. It's made of solid hand-forged 18 gauge steel, has rivets, and a rounded skull-cat with a center ridge.

Historical Period

The Kettle Hat 13th Century


A kettle hat is a type of helmet made of steel in the shape of a brimmed hat. There are many design variations. The only common element is a wide brim that afforded extra protection to the wearer. It gained its common English language name from its resemblance to a metal cooking pot (the original meaning of 'kettle')

The kettle hat was common all over Medieval Europe.[citation needed] It was called Eisenhut in German and chapel de fer in French (both names mean "iron hat" in English). It was worn by troops of all types, but most commonly by infantry.