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Product Detail

Product Name:Intercisa-II



  • high-carbon steel with leather interior
  • center ridge and cross strap
  • nose guard
  • larger cheek flaps
  • ear holes
  • rivets for extra support


This Late Roman Infantry Inlercisa II ridge Helmet is a slightly-updated form of what became the typical Roman soldier's helmet. The difference between the two is that this helmet protects a larger area, thanks to its nose guard and cheek larger flaps. It features: 18 gauge high-carbon steel construction with a leather interior; center ridge and a cross strap; nose guard; cheek flaps; ear holes; rivets for extra support

Historical Period

Late 3rd - 4th Century


Helm based on the find from Burgh Castle, Norfolk. Cheek plates are based on the Berkasovo type II find. Also an original example of this helmet is now in the Archeological museum of Florence, Italy.