Imperial-Gallic G (Worms)

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Imperial-Gallic G (Worms)
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Product Name:Imperial-Gallic G (Worms)



  • Our version is made of brass plated 18 gauge steel and is fully functional.
  • circumference of 22-24 Inches.
  • Mainz-Weissenau type helmet with hinged cheek flaps
  • tradition style embossed detailing
  • sloping neck guard
  • small forehead visor


Our version of a Mainz-Weissenau type helmet with hinged cheek flaps, and sloping neck guard, is constructed of brass plated 18 gauge steel. It has a circumference of 22-24 Inches, tradition style embossed detailing, and small forehead visor.

Historical Period

late 1st century BC through to the early 2nd century AD.


Based on the type of helmet used by the Gaul’s. Imperial Gallic G Roman Helmet was found at Aquincum, made of brass, and dating from the third or fourth quarter of the 1st century AD