Half Gauntlets

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Half Gauntlets
SKU: AH6905
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Product Detail

Product Name:Half Gauntlets

SKU: AH6905


  • Hardy Medieval Hand Protectors, Matched Set of Left and Right Hand Pieces
  • Crafted from 16 Gauge Mild Steel
  • Rigid and Highly Protective design
  • Contours of the Hand and Knuckles
  • round cuff about the wrist with a shaped knuckle and thumb guard
  • Attached Leather Strap for Easy Wearing


These Steel Half Gauntlets eliminate the weakness inherent with jointed armor, instead,these feature solid steel construction that helps to keep your hands safe in combat. These gauntlets are made of 16 gauge mild steel and have a distinctive construction that combines a round cuff about the wrist with a shaped knuckle and thumb guard. While inflexible and rigid, the guard also performs very well as armor. Offered in one size, coming complete with a leather strap, a brushed exterior finish, and are bare steel on the interior.

Historical Period

1000 through 1500


Pair of gauntlets, Germany, late 16th century