Great Helm (Pembridge)

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Great Helmet (Pembridge)
SKU: AH3829N
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Product Detail

Product Name:Great Helmet (Pembridge)

SKU: AH3829N


  • classic flat top design
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  • 2 horizontal eye slits
  • small round air holes for easy breathing, plus 2 cross shaped holes at the center of the chin
  • 17 gauge steel


The Great Helm was popular during the Middle ages but was restricted to the joust field during the 14 century. Featuring a flat top, fully enclosed face and head with brass fittings. Made from 17 gauge steel, featuring eye slits, and air holes for easy breathing. This helmet comes with an adjustable liner in the inside of the top of the helmet for comfort.

Historical Period

12th through 14th century


crusaders' helmet