Gothic Armour

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Gothic Armour
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Product Detail

Product Name:Gothic Armour



  • Wearable Suit of Plate Armor
  • Crafted from Quality Steel and Other Materials, with a Polished Metal Finish
  • Adorned with Fluting Designs
  • Combines Both Plated Steel and Mail Armour
  • DOES NOT Include a Sword


This suit of armour includes full protection for almost the entire body, including a breast plate and a back plate, as well as full leg armor and arm armour. Included with armour is a sallet helm, which completes the suit of armor with a historically accurate touch. This set is crafted from quality steel and other materials, including leather, and is worn using a series of buckles, straps, and closures.

Historical Period

15th century


Gothic armour, especially suits made under Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, were modelled with curves, flutings and ridges in order to enhance the strength of the armour and deflect arrows.[citation needed] Such armour was made during the 15th century and reached its peak in the 1480s, when it was considered the best in Europe. Its structure featured points and ridges influenced by Gothic architecture and Gothic art. In addition to steel plates it included mail to protect under the bevor, joints and crotch.

Gothic armour was often combined with a Gothic sallet, which included long and sharp rear-plate that protected the back of the neck and head. A bevor protected the chin