Gladiator Shoulder Guard (single)

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Gladiator Shoulder Guard, Brass (small)
SKU: AH6235B
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Product Detail

Product Name: Gladiator Shoulder Guard, Brass (small)
SKU: AH6235B
UPC: 680596067764


  • single solid brass shoulder guard
  • leather buckled strap closure


Distinctive brass shoulder single guard or Galerus, with buckled leather strap closures. The Gladiator Shoulder Guard is generally associated with the Retiarius Gladiator. The Retiarus fought with a trident and a net with no shield or helmet. The shoulder guard was generally worn on the left side and would protect the neck from a slicing blow. This version is made of solid brass with leather straps.

Historical Period

1st through 4th century AD


The Zliten mosaic is a Roman floor mosaic from about the 2nd century AD, found in the town of Zliten in Libya, on the east coast of Leptis Magna. The mosaic was discovered by the Italian archaeologist Salvatore Aurigemma in 1913 and is now on display at The Archaeological Museum of Tripoli.