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Product Detail

Product Name:Gauntlets

SKU: AH6020N


  • stylish gauntlet
  • fully articulated figures
  • back of hand detailing
  • 'v' shaped wrist with triple ridge embossment
  • fully wearable leather and riveted steel construction


Stylish Medieval gauntlet, featuring fully articulated fingers and wrists. Embellished with elegant ridge embossment and cut out heard detailing. Crafted from leather and riveted steel. These are fully wearable.

Historical Period

Historically, gauntlets were used by soldiers and knights. It was considered an important piece of armour, since the hands and arms were particularly vulnerable in hand-to-hand combat. With the rise of easily reloadable and effective firearms, hand-to-hand combat fell into decline along with personal armour, including gauntlets


Gauntlets, about 1614. V&A Museum no. 1386&A-1888