Gallic F(Sisak)

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Gallic F(Sisak)
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Product Detail

Product Name:Gallic F(Sisak)



  • Round helmet in a Mainz style
  • brass detailing with bosses
  • brass plume/crest mount fittings
  • small forehead visor
  • hinged cheek flaps
  • embossed brows


A version of Gallic 'F' Roman Helmet from River Cupa (Sisak), steel with brass fittings. The tribe formed after 278 BC. According to onomastic evidence, Scordiscan settlements to the east of the Morava river were Thracianized.

Historical Period

beginning of the third century BC until the turn of the common era.


Based on the complete helmet found in the amphitheater at Besançon France