Gallic ‘G’ Centurion

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Gallic ‘G’ Centurion
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Product Detail

Product Name:Gallic ‘G’ Centurion



  • red horsehair transverse crest with fork-shaped plume holder
  • 18 gauge steel with brass accents and bosses
  • hinged cheek pieces
  • embossing, and lowered neckplate


Roman Galea, or Imperial helmet, worn by the Centurions in the Legion. A red horse hair, transverse mounted plume/crest, in held in place by a forked plume holder. The 18 gauge polished steel helmet is accented with embossing, brass details, and bosses on the hinged cheek pieces and lowered neck plate.

Historical Period

mid 1 st. century A.D.


example was found in the Rhine River at Mainz-Weisenau and is now exhibited in Worms