Gallic ‘G’-Standard

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Gallic ‘G’-Standard
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Product Detail

Product Name:Gallic ‘G’-Standard



  • Bossed hinged cheek pieces and lowered neck plate
  • Blond crest, longitudinally fixed to the helm's top by a fork-shaped plume holder
  • 18 gauge steel, with embossed and brass detailing


"Imperial Gallic" helmet,distinctive of the graduate soldiers as the Optio. Longitudinally mounted blond plume by a fork-shaped plume holder. Bossed hinged cheek pieces and lower neck plate complete this 18 gauge steel helmet with brass detailing. Since the helmet is hand crafted, slight differences in size and finish can be expected.

Historical Period

mid of the 1 st century A.D.


example was found in the Rhine River at Mainz-Weisenau and is now exhibited in Worms