French Shacko Helmet

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French Shacko Helmet
SKU: AH6095
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Product Detail

Product Name:French Shacko Helmet

SKU: AH6095


  • decorated leather helmet
  • white cording detailing
  • red grossgrain trim
  • small black visor
  • brass and leather chin strap
  • adjustable liner
  • Weight: 1.3 kgs (2.8 lbs)
  • Height: 20 cms. (8 inch)


The word shako originated from the Hungarian name csákós süveg ("peaked cap"), which was a part of the uniform of the Hungarian hussar of the 18th century. Other spellings include chako, czako, schako and tschako. Made of heavy felt and leather, it retained its shape and provided some protection for the soldier's skull, while its visor shaded his eyes. The shako retained this pre-eminence until the mid-19th century.

Historical Period

Napoleon 1. Empire. This style of military headdress was part of the equipment of Napoleon's line infanterie regiments, which took part in the fights for the invasion of Russia.


France: Voltigeur 1806