Foot Soldier Sallet

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Foot Soldier Sallet
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Product Detail

Product Name:Foot Soldier Sallet

SKU: AH3895


  • rounded unadorned crown
  • slightly-swept back to protect the neck
  • open face
  • quality 16 gauge steel


like most sallet helms, possessing a rounded crown and a slightly-swept back to protect the neck. Unlike the common depiction of a sallet, though, this helmet does not feature a visor, instead leaving the warrior's face open to make breathing and seeing easier. The helmet is made from quality steel.

Historical Period

15th century


Later Italian sallets (by c. 1460) lost their integral face protection and became open-faced helmets with gracefully curved surfaces. In this simple state they were favoured by lighter-armed troops, especially archers and crossbowmen, whose uninterrupted vision was at a premium.