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Folding Greaves
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Product Name:Folding Greaves

SKU: AH6122


  • pair of 18 gauge steel interpretation of Hoplite bronze greaves
  • 22 inches including knee cap
  • weight 4 lbs.


articulated 18 gauge steel greaves

Historical Period

Hoplite warriors wore bronze greaves as leg protection


Throughout the hoplite era the standard hoplites' armour went through many cyclical changes. An Archaic hoplite typically wore a bronze breastplate, a bronze helmet with cheekplates, as well as greaves and other armour. Later, in the classical period, the breastplate became less common, replaced instead with a corselet that some claim was made of layers of linen glued together, or perhaps of leather, sometimes covered in whole or in part with overlapping metal scales. Eventually even greaves became less commonly used, although degrees of heavier armour remained, as attested by Xenophon as late as 401 BC