European Closed Helmet

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European Closed Helmet
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Product Detail

Product Name:European Closed Helmet

SKU: AH3814


  • traditional European Closed Helmet
  • 18 gauge steel
  • brass rivets
  • hinged visor
  • crest running front to back
  • horizontal eye slit
  • decorative breathing holes in visor
  • hook closure
  • bloom bracket at nape of neck


This style helmet appeared in the late Medieval and Renaissance eras. It was considered the classic "Knight's" helm and typically worn by knights and other soldiers of the time. The visor and bevor are pivoted from bolts on each side of the skull. Our model is made of 18 gauge steel and feature brass rivets. Whether you're playing a knight or simply adding to your collection, this is a perfect choice!

Historical Period

late 15th through 16th century


Italian Plate Armor