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Dura Europas Legionary Scutum
SKU: AH6718L
UPC: 610585716076
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Product Detail

Product Name: Dura Europas Legionary Scutum
SKU: AH6718L
UPC: 610585716076


  • convex rectangular shield
  • Linen covered
  • brass center boss
  • Size: 42" x 33"
  • red field with ornate hand painted design
  • sturdy grip


Roman Legionary Scutum AH-6718-L Dura Europos 3rd C. AD Roman Legionary Scutum. Built like our other Roman Shields this one comes with a brass central boss, sturdy grip, covered with linen and is authentically hand painted. (Size: 42" x 33")

The Dura Europos scutum, is held by some to be a 'parade' item, on the grounds of its elaborate paintwork and relatively thin construction. Elaborate painted battle shields were characteristic of earlier Mediterranean armies; and today we may place too high a 'rarity value' on skilled painting to appreciate its availability in the ancient world.- Dan Peterson

Historical Period

Dura Europos 3rd Century AD


examples of this style shield found at Dura and Nydam