Elizabethan Bronze Dagger

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Elizabethan Bronze Dagger
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Product Detail

Product Name: Elizabethan Bronze Dagger
SKU: AH2104


  • Solid Bronze.
  • Museum Copy


16th C solid bronze dagger, There are two competing theories for the unusual cast bronze dagger so late in Europe. One, that it was a Sailors knife, bronze to resist rusting. Two, it was a cheap street knife. Possibly both are true. This is cast in once piece as was the original, the handle wrap is an interpretation as no original wrap remains. Developed and interpreted by Keith Wescovich in the late 90s, still in production.

Historical Period

!6th C Northern Italian, original attributed to Venice.


Original was on display in the 1980 in the royal museum tower of London. The dagger was photographed and copied there. When the collection moved form the tower to Leeds, it was not put on display in the new location.