Elbow Guard pair

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Elbow Guard pair
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Product Detail

Product Name:Elbow Guard pair

SKU: AH6028


  • Elbow gaurd (couter or cowter)
  • 16 Gauge Mild Steel
  • Secured Via a Leather Buckle and Strap
  • Two-Piece Set


The couter (also spelled "cowter")or cop, is the defense for the elbow in a piece of plate armour. Initially just a curved piece of metal, as plate armor progressed the couter became an articulated joint. This elbow cop is a curved mild steel plate that wraps around the elbow and is secured in place via a buckled leather strap, leaving the arm free to move. Crafted from 16 gauge mild steel. A thickness That lends to their use in costuming and LARPing, as well as in SCA events, reenactments, and more. As a set of two, these pieces are fairly universal, with fitting each arm easily, increasing the authenticity of your medieval look, while also decreasing the likelihood of getting harmed by an errant strike.

Historical Period

1000 through approx. 1500


A couter of an Austrian imperial armour, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria. Also Gothic Plate Armor.