Dog Face Bascinet(COMBAT)

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Dog Face Bascinet(COMBAT)
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Product Detail

Product Name:Dog Face Bascinet(COMBAT)

SKU: AH6916G


  • 16 gauge steel
  • detachable grill visor can be replaced with full face pierced visor
  • inner circumference of 22 - 23 inches.


This late 14th century "Dog Face Bascinet" is skillfully constructed of 16 gauge mild steel. The well vented pierced metal visor is completely interchangeable with the grill work visor. This close fitting skull cap design includes fitting for visor mounting and hook closure for the helm.

Historical Period

By the mid-14th century it replaced the great helm and was fully visored, often "dog faced" (the conical hounskull visor), often worn without a visor for visibility and 'breathability'. Worn with an aventail then later with a gorget. Visors on English bassinets have a hinge at each side whereas German bassinets have a single hinge attached at the middle.


Small rounded pointed skull'Pig-faced' or 'Dog-faced' bascinet developed beginning around 1340's AD