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Deurne Helmet (Brass)
SKU: AH6723
UPC: 680596068426
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Product Detail

Product Name: Deurne Helmet (Brass)
SKU: AH6723
UPC: 680596068426


  • Brass construction with stylishly placed rivets and elegant embossed patterns
  • a rounded cap that has been reinforced by a center ridge
  • elongated rear neck guard, and ear guards
  • 22 to 23 Inch Circumference
  • Front to Back: 8 1/2, Side to Side: 7, 6 lb 8 oz
  • leather lined with some leather detailing


Named after the region of the Netherlands in which the original helmet was found, this Brass Deurne Helmet is an incredible reproduction based off of an actual historical helmet that featured amazing and attractive decorations across its surface.

Historical Period

Late Roman helmet, called the Deurne helmet. It is covered in expensive silver-gilt sheathing and is inscribed to a cavalryman of the equites stablesiani, possibly 3rd through 5th century


based on an historic example found in Deurne, Netherlands