Crusader Lion Shield

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Crusader Lion Shield
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Product Detail

Product Name:Crusader Lion Shield

SKU: AH3890


  • Medieval Wood Heater Shield
  • Hand painted linen lined plywood
  • Painted Black and Red Lion Charge on an Orange-Brown Field
  • 28" X 20"
  • weight 4.2 lbs


This Wooden Crusader Lion Shield features a black and red rampant lion as the shield's main charge, set against a faded brown field. This shield is made from quality wood and is a fully functional medieval shield. It is modeled after the typical heater shield that was used sometime after the middle of the 13th century. Like its medieval predecessor, this shield has a flat top and a triangular shape, with rounded sides that come to a point near the bottom. The lion is depicted as rampant, which means that it stands aloft of one hind leg, while the others are held out as though about to claw its prey, while its jaws are open as if about to bite (note that it could also be considered a salient lion, which is a leaping or pouncing lion, with all its paws taken off the ground). The lion is depicted as all black, with red claws and red teeth. The field of the shield, its background, is a faded brown color. The shield measures approximately 28 inches tall, and at its widest point, it measures 20 inches wide. weight : 1.9 kgs.(4.2 lbs.)

These shields are made from plywood lined with linen, showing a hand painted heraldic lion. 2 strong leather straps are fitted on the back

Historical Period

13th century


13th century Crusader Shield