Crusader Cross Shield

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Crusader Cross Shield
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Product Detail

Product Name:Crusader Cross Shield

SKU: AH6708


  • classic kite shield
  • made of wood
  • covered in linen
  • Measurements are 46" x 29"
  • hand painted
  • leather covered arm padding
  • leather arm and shoulder straps
  • Simple Heraldic red cross charge emblazoned on a bright yellow field


Used by Crusader Templar Knights around the 12th century. Knights were sometimes identified by their shields, as their faces were covered in battle. Our version, classic kite shield, is made of wood, with linen layering and is hand painted, with the typical red cross charge emblazoned on a bright yellow field. It also includes leather covered arm padding, leather arm and shoulder straps. The shield does have a bit of curve to it, measuring 46" x 29".

Historical Period

12th century


Seal of the Knights Templar