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Product Detail

Product Name:Coolus-G



  • The helmet fits a head with a circumference of up 25.5".
  • It is overall front to back of neck protection 13" long
  • measures 8" from ear to ear
  • handmade from brass
  • weighs approx. 3.3 lbs.
  • feather tubes at the temples and other fittings for mounting plumes
  • small forehead visor
  • hinged cheek flaps with some ridges or raised panels
  • wide neck guard


This brass Coolus 'G' New(DRUSENHEIM) is an accurate replica based upon historical research and is authentic in its design, which covered the period 3rd century BC to at least 79AD, were based on Gallic form of helmet made in the Coolus district of Marne. A simple hemispherical bowl made with a reinforcing peak running horizontally across the brow and with a larger extension at the back as a neck guard. A simple spike as a plug-in plume or crest holder. It was fairly plain, except for some ridges or raised panels on the hinged cheekpieces.

Historical Period

3rd century BC to at least 79AD


helmet was found in Coolus, gallia